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2.0 hours / 100-150 lashes per eye

This classic set is out most popular lash extension set! It is one synthetic lash that is attached to one natural eyelash giving added length & the look of wearing mascara with out the clumpy mess or having to deal with taking it on and off! It is the perfect starter set for someone who has never had lashes and does not know what they want! (Not recommended for short thin lashes)


2.5 hours / 200-250 Lashes per eye

Our hybrid set is a unique combination of classic and volume. This mixture is the best of both worlds adding length to your lashes with a bit more fullness. Perfect for anyone with healthy lashes who wants to add length & fullness.

Light Volume

2.75 hours / 300-400 Lashes per eye

We love this set because its look is suitable for all types of eyelashes & it is the epitome of creating natural looking lashes with the length and extra fullness all around without being too much or too fake.

Extreme Volume

3.0 hours / 500-600 Lashes Per Eye

Also known as American or Russian Volume. Volume to the extreme focuses mainly on fullness, pick your choice of any curl and this is the darkest and thickest lash set. Great for anyone who has strong healthy lashes that likes a lot of eye make up or dramatic false lash look.

Lash Lift & Tint

Enhances your natural lashes by adding curl, giving the illusion of length and making the eyes appear more open!

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