What is a lash lift? 

A lash lift is designed to give you longer looking lashes without the need of extensions. It will appear as if you had used an eyelash curler. It makes the eye appear more open! Lash lifts typically last 6-8 weeks! 

What is the aftercare?

The aftercare is very simple, no makeup or water for 24 hours then you may go back to your normal routine! Unlike extensions, you may use mascara!

Is there any maintenance?

None at all! You do not have to do anything special to your lashes between lifts! 

Will this damage my natural eyelashes?

No! The lifting solution is only applied to the new growth of your lashes, never to the ends of the lashes.

Is it painful?

Not at all, at first when applying the rods to the eye in order to curl the lashes up, it may feel a tad weird but will never hurt! 

I have downward pointing lashes, will this be a good idea for me? 

Absolutely! Post treatment your lashes will be curled up an evenly dispersed!