What is a fill? Why is it necessary?

Since your lashes are naturally shedding and regrowing a fill is simply to apply more lashes on the new growth! It is necessary yo get your fills if you want to maintain your look. If you do not get a fill, your lashes will go through their growth cycle and eventually all your extensions will shed off with them! 

How long can I go between fills?

We recommend two weeks in between fills, you may however go three! After three it would be considered a new set!

Why can’t I get a fill after 4 weeks? 

After four weeks most of your lashes will have a ton of new growth an it would be close to a full set after replacing the grown out ones & your new lashes that are now long enough to attach the lash to and will be much more time consuming! 

Is the price different than the initial full set?

Yes! The price for a fill is less than the full set price. This is because it is less time consuming and we are now just filling in lost lashes or ones that have just grown in! 

How long does a fill take?

The fill time varies between the set you had chosen, typically it is half the time of the full duration, 1-1.5 hours, of course also depending on if you went out 1,2, or 3 weeks between fills!

Is the aftercare the same as it was when I first received my full set?

Yes! For the first 24 hours, no eye makeup, no water, no rubbing of the eyes, no oil or serums, no direct heat! After 24 hours they are waterproof. Cleanse the your lashes 2x a day using Lash Beauty Bar Cleanser. Sleep on your back & brush your lashes every day!